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konijn kaninchen lapin coniglio rabbit.j
haas hase lievre lepre hare.jpg
wildzwijn wildschwein sanglier cinghiale
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fazant faisan fasan fagiano.jpg
wilde eend colvert mallard germano reale
patrijs perdreau rebhuhn pernice partrid
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The Assortment

Click on the icons above to display the assortment per species!

The composition of the range is consequent fully geared to the demand from the various markets.

But just as important as the demand is the quality and quantity of the supply in the game areas. And that can be very variable because we work with a natural product.

World map locations VLM group.jpg


The majority of this arrives from China. The rabbit breeds that are now imported from China, including Californian and New Zealand breeds, have a soft and simple structure. The high protein level, very low fat content and complete absence of carbohydrates make rabbit meat highly healthy and very tasty. 


The majority of LOUISA hare comes from the vast Argentine pampas and some adjoining areas in Chile.

Hare meat has a more pronounced game flavor than rabbit meat. To prepare it, it is not actually necessary to marinate, although it is still indicated in many traditional recipes (hare pepper recipes).

Big game

The traditional export countries for big game are: Eastern Europe (Eastern Germany and Poland) with wild boar, venison and roe. And that is where the vast majority of the LOUISA game comes from. Other game areas are: England (smaller roe and deers); New Zealand (farmed red and fallow deer); Australia (wildboar and kangaroo). 

Wild boar

Young wild boar produces a very tender meat with a distinct game flavor. The back is very good for roasting, as medallions from the tenderloin or just as cutlets. The leg and shoulder meat make a wonderful dice for goulash.


Roe delivers a range of beautiful products in the LOUISA assortment, which all win the comparison with veal with flying colors.


Deer meat has a distinct and consistent taste. The meat texture is so tender, especially in the younger animals processed by Johan van Leendert, that, roasted (or grilled), they are a true delicacy.


In the fixed LOUISA assortment we know pheasant, red and gray partridge and wild duck. Depending on supply and quality other poultry is also processed.

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