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In better restaurants, you will find all sorts of great game dishes on the menu during the season. Venison and wild boar, among others, are served in all sorts of culinary variations. The typical taste of game is what they have in common. We supply foodservice partners all over Europe for more than 40 years now.

Game meat is not only brought to consumers and/or restaurants as fresh (or frozen) meat. A wide variaty of added value products are a big part of the offering in the market, both in the food service aswel as to the end consumer. Our industrial customers take care for this step towards maintaining game meat market share.

Johan van Leendert was the first company to introduce game meat to retail channels in the BeNeLux. Today, a vast number of the Van Leendert Group’s customers, are the link between us and the end consumers. Even though 80% of the consumption of fresh game meat takes place ‘out of home’, a growing demand from shoppers for more sustainable meat,  leads game to take position in more and more home’s kitchens.


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