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The whole structure and organization of the Van Leendert Group is aimed at getting an ever better grip on the processes that must lead to the desired high quality. This applies from the very first step, the hunting, through distribution to the end customer.

The standards and requirements that we apply to our own products have been pioneering for the game meat trade in general. 

Over the years, the LOUISA brand name has established itself firmly in the European market.

The manageability of the quality standards guarantees the success of the LOUISA brand.

Benefits of natural meats

Rabbit, hare, wildboar, deer, roedeer and fowl, are some of the products you will find in our portfolio, including benefits of these great meats.

Specially when it comes to our own health. Game meat is simply the best option for a healthy nurishing.
Hereunder some basic reasons to help you decide:
. Fat content: Low fat content, but the right one. As animals are naturally fed, the little fat causes no harm and contains a good load of Omega-3.
. Minerals: Excellent source of iron, zinc and more.
. Welfare: Free living and hunted without stress is the best animal welfare any species can experience.
. Environment: Hunting keeps balance between nature and species.
. Health: No antibiotics, no hormones, no aditives to the meat, 100% organic.
. Taste: Enhanced natural flavours and tenderness. All of it is giving by mother Nature, as animals choose themselves their daily diet.
We believe those are reasons enough why to invest on a nice dinnig! Don't you?

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