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Van Leendert Maastricht B.V. is the beating heart and brains of the organisation. This is where the Group management holds office, but also the sales team and the technical and administrative staff. In addition to this, the Group has at its disposal an own warehousing and a distribution center. The research and development department in Maastricht is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to offer more convenience, new and better products. 



Brandenburg Game Sp. z o.o. is the Polish production site in the Van Leendert story. This is where all the fresh and frozen products are made, principally of local big game like red deer, roe deer and wild boar. This production plant is run by a Polish manager who has been collaborating with the Van Leendert Group from the start in this country. The produced game products are by definition coming from real hunted game, exquisitely natural and tasty. 

Infriba S.A. in Argentina, is responsible for our well known hare products. These hares are also truly wild and therefore shot. Besides the hare production, Infriba also processes farmed rabbits and equally farmed red deer.



Commercial MacLean y Cia. Lda. is the second branch of the Van Leendert Group in South America. This production plant in Chile not only handles hare and guanaco but also our ever expanding lamb production.

Van Leendert Maastricht Coldstore Magazi
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Foto Infriba aereo hare production argen
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